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Motion pictures and stories made fresh daily.

I’ve always been a writer.

In Hollywood, this means I’ve written a lot of stuff you’ve never seen,

some stuff maybe you have (check the IMDb),

and some stuff you’ve seen I never got credit for.

Here’s all of my comics work in one place:  Amazon Author Page

Here’s the all-digital version: ComiXology Author Page

Individually: starting from Most Recent and working backwards...

Coming soon, the first volume trade paperback of DRAWING BLOOD, followed closely

by a second volume. It’s the crazy “backstage” story of a cartoonist who rode the

roller-coaster of success to the top, and is now dealing with what happens when it hits the bottom.

Co-created with Kevin Eastman. Yes, THAT Kevin Eastman. The TMNT guy.

The twelve issue Elvira series is wrapping up in February. The first trade paperback

came out last year, the second is coming soon. Also, the miniseries spin-off
THE SHAPE OF ELVIRA is coming soon to trade paperback.

And any day now I’ll be announcing a brand new Elvira series!

I’ve been writing about Bettie for almost three years now.
It’s 1951-1952. Through various (mis)adventures the famous model finds herself

working for a secret division of the US Government, investigating the strange and unusual.

Through 25 issues, that’s been everything from UFOs to werewolves to Great Old Ones.

Volume One: how Bettie got recruited and her first adventure in Hollywood.

Volume Two: giant 1950s monsters and spies at the Cannes Film Festival.

Volume Three: can Bettie save Queen Elizabeth from Alien invaders and government intrigue?

Volume Four: Bettie tours the Multiverse in Bettie Page Unbound!
More coming soon!

In 2017, I wrote DOC SAVAGE: THE RING OF FIRE a classic adventure that puts Doc back where he belongs: fighting a supervillain in the 1930s, and looking for Amelia Earhart.

In 2016, I had a fantastic opportunity to combine two of my favorite things in one: TWILIGHT ZONE: THE SHADOW, now collected in trade paperback form.

My first assignment was a 5-issue steampulp adventure called

LEGENDERRY: VAMPIRELLA, which started in February, 2015.  

The series is available as a trade paperback.

In March 2015, my two one-shot comics

featuring DOC SAVAGE and THE SHADOW hit the stands.

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