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My father, Michael Avallone, was a novelist.  He wrote around 200 published novels,

but his crowning achievement was the ED NOON series.

Noon is a hard-boiled New York City private eye in the Phillip Marlowe mode.

Funny, tough, obsessed with movies and the Mets, a White Knight in a battered porkpie.

He starts out as a low rent gumshoe in 1953... and by the 60s he’s been

recruited by the President of the United States as a Private Spy.

For many years, the Ed Noon series has been out of print... but starting in 2012,

I partnered with Story Merchant Books to roll out the novels on Amazon.com as ebooks, including never-before-published adventures.  

So here’s your one-stop links page for all things Ed Noon.

THE BOOKS: On Amazon Kindle, but you can

read them on iPads, phones, computers, etc.

THE HISTORY: An essay on the Ed Noon saga, and the

many forms it took over the years.

THE TWITTER: Quotes from the books, and

occasional commentary on the world of today.

THE BLOG: Ed Noon covers, news, ephemera.

THE FACEBOOK: Ed Noon is a good friend to have.